Please stop using create react app.

Please stop using create react app.

Instead, use vite.

Nov 2, 2022·

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You probably heard: "create react app sucks".

But why? Let's start from zero.

You can create a react app in different ways:

  • create-react-app and vite

But why not use create react app?

Bruh, because it's simply deprecated. Like nobody uses that thing in 2022.

Well, yes, millennials do that.

Now seriously:

  • Slower loading speeds
  • Bad optimized SEO
  • No ability for staging production builds
  • Hard to configure if you dislike the default configuration


What to use instead?

Some tools like Vite. I use that thing. It just... works. I love it.

But why?

Vite has templates and plugins that you can install as project dependencies or use them. You can find a list of that and more here.



Don't waste your time using that thing called "create-react-app", get rid of that, and use Vite 🎉!


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